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After the successful debut Guido (2003), shows that the unique (The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra) orchestra (with the brand new album Red Passio) proves that pop music and classical music go together harmoniously and surprisingly.


At Red Passion the listener will find a pleasant mix of famous classical melodies, interspersed with attractive current compositions for a large audience. All this has been designed in contemporary and accessible arrangements.


The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra turns orchestra music into a unique contemporary experience. Under the direction of orchestra leader Guido Dieteren, the orchestra transforms pop music into swinging orchestra arrangements and turns classical songs into vibrant pop music. It is not without reason that The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra is experiencing a growing international career and the orchestra has been the musical theme of Symphonica in Rosso for 12 years.


Regular singing soloist Wendy Kokkelkoren enriches the orchestra with her beautiful vocals.


1. The 7 C's (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

2. Winter (4 Seasons)

3. Nessun Dorma (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

4. Czardas

5. Summer (4 Seasons)

6. Nella Fantasia (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

7. Elevation

8. Riverdance (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

9. Dear Wendy

10. Spente Le Stelle (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

11. Solland Solar

12. The Irish Washerwoman

13. Cotton Eye Joe

14. Country Piece

Red Passion live in concert - CD

  • Weight: 110 g

    Dimension: 12.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

    Release date: 21/01/2008

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