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During this romantic, musical pop meets classic show, thousands of visitors enjoyed a thrilling concert in the beautiful backdrop of the Pancratiusplein in Heerlen. Orchestra conductor and violinist Guido Dieteren, singer Wendy Kokkelkoren and the bustling pop orchestra turned this beautiful summer evening into a big party.


In Red Passion the pop orchestra combines recognizable classical music, beautiful pop songs, beautiful film music and new compositions. From goosebumps to parties!


In addition to the concert registration, the DVD also contains nice extras. In this way Guido takes the viewer for a look behind the scenes. About violin lessons and fries, cherished talent, good weather thanks to a sausage and proud parents ...


1. Romeo & Julia intro

2. Pirates of the Caribbean

3. Winter (4 Seasons)

4. Chi Mai

5. Nella Fantasia (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

6. Summer (4 Seasons)

7. Lovetheme

8. Nessun Dorma (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

9. Czardas

10. Elevation

11. Spente le Stelle (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

12. Palio

13. Solo Piece

14. The Irish Washerwoman

15. Con te Partirò (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

16. Riverdance (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

17. Dear Wendy

18. Forrest Gump Suite

19. Hijo de la Luna (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

20. Solland Solar

Red Passion - DVD

  • Weight: 120 g

    Dimentions: 19 × 13.7 × 1.4 cm

    Release date: 21/01/2008


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