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On a beautiful summer evening, The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra, together with his musical guests and the public, experience an unforgettable evening at the market in Kerkrade. Orchestra conductor Guido Dieteren and his orchestra present a sparkling musical spectacle full of passion and fire. The sensitive, beautiful vocals of soprano Wendy Kokkelkoren, the many beautiful compositions, the authentic playing pleasure, the great ambiance and the guest artists make this a concert to remember.


The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra is known to the general public as the symphonic orchestra and the musical theme of the Symphonica in Rosso concert series, in which they include major stars such as Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Diana Ross, Zucchero, Anouk, Doe Maar, Paul de Leeuw, Nick and Simon and of course Marco Borsato also worked together. The number 1 pop-meets-classic orchestra is conducted by the Dutch orchestra leader, violinist and composer Guido Dieteren.


1. Also Sprach Zarathustra

2. William Tell Ouverture

3. Elevation

4. Gabriellas Sång

5. Colourful Clouds (Chasing The Moon)

6. Otchi Tchornye

7. Ladies In Lavender

8. You Raise Me Up

9. Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann

10. Sorry

11. Diva

12. Solopiece 2014

13. Anthem

14. Meezingmedley 2013

15. Organ Symphony16 Carmen Act

16. Habanera

17. Aragonaise

18. Intro Song Of Hope

19. Song Of Hope

20. Korobushka

21. Miserlou

22. Vivo Per Lei

23. Alte Kameraden Mars

24. Atemlos

25. Ik Leef Niet Meer Voor Jou

26. Meezingmedley 2015

27. Smokin’ Fiddle

28. Mazel Tov!

Live in Kerkrade - DVD

  • Weight: 120 g

    Dimensions: 19 × 13.7 × 1.4 cm

    Release date: 28/10/2016


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