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A brand new act with a debut album? No, that is not the case. We are dealing here with the well-known Guido’s Orchestra. The energetic conductor and violinist Guido Dieteren has decided on a name change. Logical, considering that Guido and his orchestra operate more and more globally and in the knowledge that the international agenda is getting busier. Then ‘European Poporchestra’ makes it a lot clearer which music genre predominates and where the orchestra comes from. "The Maestro" also doesn't fall from the sky. Guido himself has in fact always been seen as "The Maestro" of the orchestra and has been addressed as such. Moreover, he has twice played a leading musical role with the orchestra in commercials for "The Maestro Burger" by McDonald’s. Hence!


The first album on which this stage name will feature is "Live in Concert". This contains beautiful live recordings of the latest concerts. Vocalist Wendy Kokkelkoren excels in many songs on this CD and in a number of songs we hear pop singer Roy Verbeek. Together they steal the show with the impressive Barcelona. As "extras" the album contains recordings made for the World Music Competition 2017.


1. Pirates of the Caribbean

2. Gabriellas Sång (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

3. Colourful Clouds Chasing the Moon

4. World Music Contest

5. Habanera (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

6. Barcelona (Wendy Kokkelkoren & Roy Verbeek)

7. Irgendwie Irgendwo Irgendwann

8. Sorry

9. Diva (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

10. Lily Was Here

11. Ik Leef Niet Meer Voor Jou (Roy Verbeek)

12. Atemlos

Live in Concert - CD

  • Weight: 110 g

    Dimension: 12.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

    Release date: 03/11/2017

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