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With this smashing album Live from the Heart of Europe, The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra broke through internationally. It encompasses the beautiful live recording of the international open air concert at the Drielandenpunt: the point where the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium come together.


Conductor and violin soloist Guido Dieteren takes you to this vibrant heart of Europe. For Guido, this cinematic place symbolizes the fact that the language of music, which communicates from heart to heart, crosses borders. This connection and internationality literally sets the tone for this album with beautiful compositions and recognizable music such as "Schindler's List" and "A Song of Peace".


In addition to regular singing soloist Wendy Kokkelkoren, the guest artists Slagerij van Kampen and Tommy Fleming also collaborate on this beautiful album.


1. Beethoven 5th Groove
2. Romance from the Gadfly
3. The 7 C's (Wendy Kokkelkoren)
4. Go
5. A Song of Peace (Wendy Kokkelkoren)
6. The Green Hornet (Main Theme)
7. La Califfa
8. Van Kampen (Slagerij van Kampen)
9. Someone Special
10. Palio
11. Schindler's List (Main Theme
12. With You I'm Born Again (Tommy Fleming)
13. Asturias
14. Terra Promessa (Wendy Kokkelkoren)
15. Salsissimo
16. Farewell by Moonlight

Live from the Heart of Europe - CD

  • Weight: 110 g

    Dimension: 12.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

    Release date: 08/12/2009

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