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Feelings is the debut album by Wendy Kokkelkoren. This album consists of beautiful arias and warm ballads, occasionally enriched with the beautiful second voice of sister Tessa Kokkelkoren. The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra carries the beautiful vocals of Wendy with their beautiful instrumental sounds.


Feelings do exactly what the title promises: to let the emotion of music touch the heart.


1. M.L.K. (duet met Tessa Kokkelkoren)

2. Intermezzo Symfonico

3. I Don't Know How to Love Him

4. Ave Maria

5. Dell Angeli (Instrumentaal)

6. Stay With Me Till The Morning

7. Laudate Dominum

8. Pie Jesu (duet met Tessa Kokkelkoren)

9. Ombra Mai Fu

10. Sindela (Instrumentaal)

11. Bloemenduet (duet met Tessa Kokkelkoren)

12. One Hand One Heart

13. Panis Angelicus (duet met Tessa Kokkelkoren)

14. The Rose (duet met Tessa Kokkelkoren)

Feelings - CD

  • Weight: 110 g

    Dimension: 12.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

    Release date: 17/09/2005

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