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Back Home is an exciting theater concert in which The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra shows itself from the most vibrant side. The title Back Home refers to the first TV performance by GThe Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra, also played in the Parkstad Limburg Theater in Heerlen. 13 years later and many (inter)national successes further, Guido's Orchestra returns to the stage where it all started.


In addition to frontman, violin soloist and conductor Guido Dieteren, singer Wendy Kokkelkoren and many orchestral soloists shine on this musical DVD. Together they present world-famous melodies, as well as moving ballads and impressive solos. The top musical quality, the humorous interaction between musicians and audience, but especially the beautiful music make this recording a true DVD experience.


1. Solland Solar

2. William Tell Overture

3. Con te Partirò (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

4. Czardas Monti

5. 40th Symphony

6. Voi Che Sapete (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

7. Rondo alla Turca

8. Flight of the Bumblebee

9. Ave Maria - Caccini (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

10. Piano Concerto - Grieg

11. In the Hall of the Mountain King

12. Florentiner March

13. Anthem (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

14. Hoy Estoy Aqui

15. Hungarian Dance 5

16. Air - Bach (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

17. Bourree - Bach

18. Vitali

19. Go Down Moses

20. Sing Along Medley (Wendy Kokkelkoren)

21. Solopiece

22. Smokin 'Fiddle

23. Country Piece

Back Home - DVD

  • Weight: 120 g

    Dimensions: 19 × 13.7 × 1.4 cm

    Release date: 06/03/2013


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