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On her CD "Aria’s & More", Wendy presents a nice mix of classical but also "pop meets classic" songs. The beautiful "Ave Maria" by Caccini, the Air by Bach, cinematic music such as "Gabriellas Sång" but also new compositions such as "Ballad Wendy," Anthem "and" Canto del sol "are on this varied album. Wendy’s beautiful vocals in collaboration with the orchestral accompaniment of The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra make this album a real musical gem.


Wendy Kokkelkoren has been the regular singing soloist of The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra for many years. In addition, she regularly shines as a solo singer during the Symphonica in Rosso editions, she has performed on many stages in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the USA and Canada and was allowed to perform for our former Queen Beatrix in a packed Amsterdam Arena.


1. Gabriellas Sang

2. Air Bach

3. Ave Maria Caccini

4. Nessun Dorma

5. Con Te Partirò

6. Voi Che Sapete

7. Casta Diva

8. Song To The Moon

9. Miserere

10. Ballad Wendy

11. Anthem

12. Hijo De La Luna

13. Canto Del Sol

Aria's & More - CD

  • Weight: 110 g

    Dimension: 12.5 × 14.2 × 1 cm

    Release date: 18/03/2016

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