Guido Dieteren (1974) is an orchestra leader, violin soloist, arranger, and composer. He grew up in a special musical Limburg (Netherlands) family. Guido's great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all conductors and with it his great musical examples. At an early age, Guido established his name as a concertmaster and soloist of various orchestras and then continued his career as a conductor, violinist, and soloist with his own orchestra. Since then, he has played successful concert tours throughout Europe, China, and North America.


During his conservatory study in Maastricht, Guido approached his childhood friend and pop keyboard player Falco Borsboom to compose, arrange and work on a new rousing orchestral production. Guido's Orchestra was born (now known as "The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra")!


Since then, The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra has experienced many musical highlights. Together with his orchestra, Maestro Guido has provided concerts all over the world, composed and arranged music for commercials (such as McDonald's, Rabobank, WWF, Dela, and AllSecur), played in several international TV shows, released several gold CDs and DVDs, produced large TV specials in all known world languages and performed live for more than 1.8 million visitors. Guido also collaborated as musical director and was involved artistically with many (inter)national artists such as Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Diana Ross, DJ AfroJack, Simply Red, Caro Emerald, Alessandro Safina, Marco Borsato, Doe Maar, Anouk, Jan Smit, Nick and Simon, Paul de Leeuw and many others.


Guido's heart is not only taken by The Maestro & The European Pop Orchestra and his passion for music. No, he also married the orchestra's solo soprano, Wendy Kokkelkoren, in 2006. After the first concert together, the spark caught on and since then, they have been inseparable. Together with their daughters Emma-Sophie and Annabel, Guido and Wendy form a happy musical family.


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